Apple Tip for Subscribers - November 22, 2017

I got a very interesting question emailed to me this last week, so I decided I would write a little bit about it.

The question was: Hi! I have a question about our iPad. Is there a reason why suddenly it would take FOREVER to charge? And lose its battery super fast? Is there a way to fix it?

The possible answer (I say "possible" because it's almost impossible to be certain): First, to address the issue of a iPad taking forever to charge, there is an iPad charging block and an iPhone charging block. The picture below shows the difference. 

The charging block you see at the top is an iPhone charging block (also compatible with the iPad Mini). It is a 5V charger. The other is an iPad charging block that is a 12V charger. Quite often, I hear of people attempting to charge their iPad with their iPhone charging block. Because of the voltage discrepancy, you will notice that it will take more than twice as long to get a charge out of the smaller block as opposed to the larger one. (Continue reading below)


One thing you can do is use an iPad charging block on your iPhone. Although it is not ideal, and constant use over a long period of time will take a toll on your iPhone battery and decrease overall lifetime of your iPhone, if you're looking to quickly charge your iPhone, an iPad block actually works quite well. You can get these at an Apple store or any AASP (Apple Authorized Service Provider) like Simply Mac.

To answer the question of the battery dying quickly --  it is always hard to tell what is triggering that. One reason is if you have your iPad or iPhone never set up to Auto-Lock the display, which means the display will stay illuminated until you personally lock it. This is a common reason for quick battery depletion. To check your Auto-Lock settings, on your device, navigate to Settings > Display & Brightness > Auto-Lock(shown below)

Another possible reason is that many people never fully close your apps. If you tap the home button after using an application, yes, the application no longer is showing on your display, but it is still running. If you double tap the home button, you will see a display similar to the picture below. Swipe up on each application to fully close it.(shown below)


Lastly, there is a function called Background App Refresh. This means that certain applications will continue to refresh in the background, when they are still running. To solve this, first completely close the application with the method I stated above, and to prevent background app refresh from happening, navigate to Settings > General > Background App Refresh. Toggle off any applications that you do not want refreshing in the background (shown right).


This is applicable to iPads and iPhones, so I hope this helps you get some extra battery time out of your devices.

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Have a blessed Thanksgiving!