Apple Tip for Subscribers - 2017 Edition

As you may have noticed from my blog, my recent push has been freeing up space on your devices. I have stated a few ways to either free up space, or at the very least see where your storage is allocated.

On your computer, there is an easy way to get a little space back. This is commonly overlooked by most Mac users. There is an group of files that are space-wasters. They are downloaders. I frequently refer to these as Unwanted Downloads. These files are known by their file extension. A file extension is the (dot)whatever at the end of a file. Some photographs are JPEG format, and some music is in MP3 format. Like if I was listening to Run by George Strait, the file would most likely be called "George Strait - Run.mp3".

I know that the example I just gave is a long way around it, but the files that are not needed are of the file extension: .dmg, .pkg, .zip, and .exe. This first one (.dmg) is a disk image. That, along with .pkg is simply a downloader for a Mac program. The issue is that once most people download a program and install it, they forget the installer. For the majority of the time, these are still left in the user's Downloads folder.

You can find these by going to Finder > Downloads. In the top right corner, you will see a Search bar. Search for .dmg, then click the Downloads button in the middle near the top. After you located the .dmg files, you can delete them and put them in your Trash. Once you're done, go through the other file extensions (.pkg, .zip, and .exe). Shown below is what happens when I searched my Downloads folder for a .zip file.


Once you put these in the Trash, it should free up a little space on your Mac. Don't forget to empty the Trash.

Please let me know if you have any questions, and spread the word if you like the Weekly Apple Tips.