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About Crash Security:

Crash Security was started by Stuart Ashenbrenner in January of 2017, after finishing up a stint with the Premiere Service Provider, Simply Mac, located in Corvallis, OR. After the brutal realization that, "Yes, Macs do get viruses," it quickly became an effort of Stuart and the other members of the Corvallis Simply Mac Service department to begin finding issues. Crash Security's goal is find and analyze malware, find 0day exploits, and also provide in-home services to those who cannot make it out of their house to take a computer in for service.


About Me:

For starters, I'm part Canadian, so you know I'm a kind soul.  Well, I guess that's for you to decide. My name is Stuart Ashenbrenner. I started as "the guy who knew how to change the source on the TV." I am a former Apple Technician and worked extensively on hardware repairs. I have also worked on a plethora of software issues, repaired iPhones, and almost everything in between. I was fortunate enough  to be part of the R&D (Research & Development) team in curating the Simply Security (or Security Bundle), which was a bundle of different software to rid Apple machines of malware, viruses, and machine optimization.

I was heavily involved in multiple sports in high school (football, basketball, track, and baseball), 4-H for over nine years as a child, current pianist and violinist, and also currently coach high school basketball.  I am constantly programming, whether it be Mac Security Tools, Sports apps, agriculture technology, and currently working on an application for those with dementia. I also a contributor to the website That Western Life, a western-centered website created by Katie Schrock, blogging about technology in the agriculture industry. 

Contact me for any further information, or if you'd like to schedule a meeting or house-call.



There has to be a lot of love and credit given to Matthew Jacobs (@pnwbeard) and Diego Munoz (@DiegoMunozMusic). Matt was the originator of the Security Bundle and the Simply Mac Security Squad and also an amazing friend. And also to Diego,  the perfect addition to our nutty group and for helping with the graphics design of the logo. The photo to the left shows the R&D team: Stuart Ashenbrenner (left), Diego Munoz (center), Matthew Jacobs (right).

Matt works as  an analog game designer (board games, card games, etc) and will be releasing a game entitled Kitten Klash in the Summer of 2017. If you have questions about what he does, or the different games he has produced, both independently and through Daily Magic Games, click below.

Diego is a business major, DJ, and an accordion player for Ande Norteno, a musical group out of Salem. He designed Crash Security's website logo, and as you can tell, is incredible at it. If you check out Matt's game forthcoming, Kitten Klash, Diego designed that as well. For more information, click the button below to send him an email.

Thank you for everything guys!