There are lots of unknown unknowns with respect to OS X malware. Mac's increasing market share is sure to draw attention on the malware black market, and to drive development of appropriate malware. Even today, Mac malware, despite impressions to the contrary, is very much a reality. While not at present terribly capable, it could easily be swiftly enhanced. Presented at the Jailbreak Security Summit, May 8, 2015, Laurel, Maryland, USA. Visit Patrick Wardle's site Objective-See.


Malware, adware, viruses, scams

There is so many different types of systematic problems out there nowadays that can affect your computer. I consider Patrick Wardle, director of R&D at Synack and also creator of many free Apple security tools on his site, Objective-See, one of the greats of the industry. We'll try to break things down a little for you. We will shortly have some software available to you, but for now, I want to help inform you on some different programs that we consider to by "Known Bad Software" or "Potentially Unwanted Programs."