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Stuart has helped me twice with computer issues and was just great; very responsive, knowledgeable and, best of all, took care of the situations.
— J. Cash
Got in contact, got an immediate reply. Set up an appointment and got to work. He’s really nice to work with. He knows how to talk to people who don’t understand technology. That made it really easy less stressful. Thanks Stu!
— S. Garry
I had Stuart work on my iPhone, iPad, and iMac, so there was a lot of work to be done. He fixed the display on my iPhone with lightning speed. I was shocked how quick and methodical he was. He helped get my iPad connected with iCloud, then I had a bunch of problems with my iMac. He started by doing a hard drive installation then moving some of my old information over. He also got rid of a bunch of viruses and bad software that he advised I get rid of. The computer is running fast, and the phone and iPad are working great. Much appreciated. High quality service.
— J. Warrenton
Really understand apple security issues. Great help.
— D. Richardson
Many thanks for your account of what you did here which I can share with my family. I will certainly recommend your services to my friends who have computer challenges. I appreciated your kindness and courtesy in what was a difficult time for me - to part with my husband’s computer.
— J. Jarvis
Thank you so much Stuart, I printed out a bunch of stuff last night. It worked great!!
— R. Rice
I am very happy with your work and your kind, respectful demeanor.
— D. Johnson

We understand that not everybody can take their Apple computer into either an Apple Store or an AASP (Apple Authorized Service Provider), like Simply Mac for either a repair or general assistance. Because of this, Crash Security offers in-home visits. We will work primarily on software, but we can evaluate and diagnose hardware issues as well. If necessary, we can even deliver your machine to the nearest Simply Mac for service. We happily serve Corvallis, all surrounding areas, and the southern Willamette Valley (traveling fees may apply).

Hourly rate: $75

Delivery and Pick Up (if necessary): $50 (to/from AASP for extended hardware repair)

Recycle Rate: $25 (to deliver to e-waste center and to "Secure Wipe" the machine hard drive)

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