KeyLogger Detector

This is a small, executable file from the command line. It can detect keyloggers on the system. Meant for a more advanced use, as it does not contain a UI.

Coded in Objective-C.

A small portion of the code is below, or it can all be seen on GitHub.

// path from the pid
NSString* pathFromPid(pid_t pid)
    // buffer the process path
    char pathBuffer[PROC_PIDPATHINFO_MAXSIZE] = {0};
    proc_pidpath(pid, pathBuffer, sizeof(pathBuffer));
    return [NSString stringWithUTF8String:pathBuffer];

// current taps
NSMutableDictionary* listTaps()
    // keyboard taps
    NSMutableDictionary* keyboardTaps = nil;
    // event taps
    uint32_t eventTapCount = 0;
    // taps
    CGEventTapInformation *taps = NULL;
    // current taps
    CGEventTapInformation tap = {0};
    // key tap
    CGEventMask keyboardTap = CGEventMaskBit(kCGEventKeyUp) | CGEventMaskBit(kCGEventKeyDown);
    // path
    NSString* tappingProcess = nil;
    // allocate
    keyboardTaps = [NSMutableDictionary dictionary];
    // get all taps
    if (kCGErrorSuccess != CGGetEventTapList(0, NULL, &eventTapCount))
        // bail
        goto bail;

Basketball Stats

I’m currently developing a web application that would allow someone to maintain basketball statistics directly from the machine without the use of a paid service.

Coded in C#, using ASP.NET MVC with Javascript.

Code in progress is available on GitHub as well.

His Baby Counter

His Baby Counter is an application that keeps track of the size of a fetus, but not using the normal parameters. Since this is still under development. I cannot post a link to the code, but I will have a preview available shortly.